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Tree service Albemarle County Virginia

Albemarle County, Virginia offers a diverse charm due to its greenery and breathtaking sights. But sometimes this attractiveness can be blocked by a tangle of overgrown and dense trees, which could also potentially pose a threat to your structures. In any circumstances, regular tree service is crucial to keeping your property stunning and healthy.

Selecting the best tree service company for your lavish landscaping might be confusing due to the abundance of accessible options. But fear not. At Macs Edge, we provide the best local tree service, ensuring your trees’ long-term health, safety, and beauty.
Hiring experienced arborists from Macs Edge will make this intimidating task easier, more effective, and sustainable.

Our Client's Review

Wendy Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Macs Edge is a great company to work with. They were on time and professional. They explained everything that was done in a way that I could understand with no issues. I will definitely call on them again.
Keza Tinsley
Keza Tinsley
Macs Edge was very professional. On time and had great communication throughout the entire deal. Very pleased with our tree removal! Highly impressed & definitely recommended!


Why Choose Us in Albemarle County?

Being the leading local tree service company, Macs Edge prioritizes the benefit of maximizing the healthy greenery of your landscape. Our highly trained and vastly experienced arborists team is dedicated to offering you the Best tree service in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Here’s what sets Macs Edge apart

Professional Certified Arborists

Macs Edge provides a wide range of services to certified arborists who add a lot of expertise and experience to each project.

Our skilled arborists are highly qualified to identify the specific methods required by different tree species and the most effective ways to offer service.
Our crew has the competence to tackle any job, including pruning, removal, and disease management, while complying with the most latest industry standards.

The Most Affordable Tree Service

At Macs Edge, our mission is to deliver excellent and affordable tree service to all Albemarle County residents without losing efficacy. We maintain very transparent communication with our loyal clients, providing a very precise cost evaluation with no hidden expenses.

Our Commitment to the Environmental

Selecting Macs Edge means working with a group of tree service experts committed to keeping your trees healthy and attractive.
We maintain your trees using eco-friendly supplies and methods. We emphasize the use of organic fertilizers and soil nutrients, and our pest control techniques are also safe for the environment.

Our Expertise in Tree Health Care

At Macs Edge, we provide highly trained and well-equipped skilled arborists who perform very swiftly to identify and treat different tree diseases and pest infestations. We also offer customized plans for soil management, fertilizer, and insect control for trees. Our expert team assists your trees in thriving and avoiding additional damage by treating these problems early on.

Our Services

tree removal

Tree removal may be required in certain cases because of illness, storm damage, or safety issues. Our skilled crew removes trees from properties with the least amount of disturbance possible. To keep your landscape tidy and risk-free, we also provide stump grinding services.


Regular pruning and trimming of your tress ensures its long-term health and growth. It also minimizes the potential risk of storm damage and enhances the overall safety of your property.

Our expert tree surgeons are competent in carrying out intricate tree operations, such as removals and structural trims. They enhance tree structure, encourage healthy growth, and get rid of damaged or dead branches using precise methods.

stump grinding

Stump grinding eliminates possible risks from your yard while also making it seem better. After removing a tree from the yard, you’re frequently left with an ugly stump that can cause problems.

At Macs Edge, we use cutting-edge machinery to grind down stumps to a depth of below ground, guaranteeing a smooth and tidy landscape. This cost-effective, environmentally friendly service leaves your yard tidy and prepared for planting without breaking the bank.

Emergency Tree Service

Trees can sustain severe damage from storms and other unplanned events, putting your safety and property at imminent risk. Macs Edge offers emergency tree services to quickly handle life-threatening circumstances. Macs Edge emergency service team is available 24/7 to respond to any sort of emergency, ensuring the safety of residents.

When to Call Us?

It is advisable to contact a reputable tree care provider like Macs Edge in a few different circumstances

Dead or diseased trees

A major risk to your life and property is posed by dead or diseased trees. Whether removal or treatment is the best course of action, our arborists can evaluate the issue and make recommendations.

Storm Damage

Trees damaged by storms may become weaker or more likely to topple down. Our crew can carefully remove potentially dangerous branches or trees, evaluate damage, and clear debris.

Overgrown Trees

Overgrown trees can harm structures, obstruct sunlight, and damage the appeal of your landscape. Macs Edge offers trimming and pruning services to improve the health and look of your trees.

Planting New Trees

You may improve the appearance of your house and help the environment by planting fresh trees. Our skilled team is ready to guide you to plant the trees appropriately and in the ideal locations.

Contact Us Today for Your Tree Service Needs

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your tree service needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, emergency tree service, and more. Experience the Mac’s Edge difference and enjoy the beauty and safety of well-maintained trees on your property.

Local Tree Care Professionals You Can Find

As a local tree service company, we are fully familiar with the natural diversities, climate situation, and soil conditions. Therefore, we can provide the best tree service solutions for your landscape with high efficiency.

Our renowned arborist tree services address all aspects of tree health, from identifying illnesses to putting treatment strategies into action. We make sure your trees get the finest care possible by using cutting-edge tools and methods.


Absolutely. At Macs Edge, we prioritize professionalism and safety. Our arborists are fully licensed and insured, ensuring your protection and peace of mind throughout the entire tree service process.

The cost of tree service can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the tree, the type of service required, and any additional complexity. Our competitive pricing structure ensures that you receive fair and affordable rates without compromising on quality. Contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.

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